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Puppies, puppies and broken puppies

October 28, 2010

Everyone who deals with us on a regular basis knows that we don’t get very many puppies in rescue. For one thing, we are here to help the dogs who aren’t going to otherwise have a chance at getting a new home, and puppies generally fly off the shelf (so to speak).

An example of a special circumstance where we might get a puppy, is when they come in with medical issues, such as broken bones. Last week we got the little “Trooper” with a broken front left leg, and tonight we got…

Another broken little Chihuahua puppy. This little guy is probably 12 weeks old, and weighs a whopping 3lbs. He has the same broken front left leg, but his leg is broken worse than Trooper’s, and may need surgery to place pins and try to hold the bones together.

Ouchy! That’s got to hurt…

I swear these little guys get stepped on by their owners, who can’t afford or don’t want to pay a vet bill, so they drop them off at the shelter. Seriously, this guy was supposedly a stray…really? I’m kinda doubting it.

Here he is warming up in my jacket.

And before you all start emailing me about wanting to adopt him, here’s an icky thing we’ve already discovered about the little guy. He eats his own poop, and tries really hard to get a sneak kiss in by shooting his tongue in your mouth french kiss style. Oy! ;o )

We’ve also figured out he’s got a pretty good set of lungs on him and does NOT want you to leave him alone. He sounds like a dying duck. Okay, all of that aside, he’s still the cutest, tiny little guy, who just wants to be held. We’ll have Dr Mark decide about surgery tomorrow. More details to follow.