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The little broken Chi

October 29, 2010

First, he isn’t a ‘he’,  he’s a ‘she’! ;o )

Second, she’s having a bad day today. She started vomiting and coughing this morning so we ran a parvo test…and it was negative (whew!) but she does have kennel cough, so we’re giving her some Pepcid for her upset stomach, and cherry flavored Umcka for the kennel cough. Dr. Mark took another set of x-rays, and said the break is so bad and her little bones are so small, that it will be best to see if it will heal on its own as an “unaligned fracture”. We’ll wait three weeks and check it out again.

Dr. Mark in his anti-radiation lead suit…

We’ve decided to name this sweet little girl who has so many problems but still tries to give you kisses, Calamity Jane :o )

So now she’s resting…

And incidentally, she weighs about 2.5 lbs (3lbs including her cast).