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A great before and after rescue story

November 28, 2010

Last month we rescued a female Rottweiler who was in terrible condition. She was super thin, and missing much of the hair on her back. One of her ears had developed a condition from being untreated for ear infections and scratching until her ear developed a hematoma. The ear scarred down with scar tissue (the condition is referred to as  “cauliflower ear”). She was generally depressed. Her urine was brown and she clearly didn’t feel good. Even our vet was worried about her…

Overall, this poor girl, who was found running stray, was a classic example of neglect.

Raven, as she was named, went to a great foster home and on October 20th, we switched her to a grain free diet. We didn’t shampoo her with any special medicated shampoo’s, in fact we like to use a natural lavender shampoo, since after all, lavender kills bacteria, is calming, and smells good, too! A month later, voile! Take a look for yourselves, Raven looks like a million bucks!

All of her hair has grown back in and she clearly feels good. Initially, she was battling some separation anxiety, but her fosters worked with her and she calmed down as she started to feel more confident. The next good news came when her foster family decided they couldn’t part with her. So, they’ll be another foster failure, and they’ll adopt Raven as the new member of their family. Things could definitley be worse for Raven! Lucky girl…