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The shelters are packed and we really need foster homes!

November 3, 2010

I know I ask for foster homes about once per week, but this week we really need foster homes because the shelters are packed this week!

Here’s the way it works. Every time a stray comes in to the shelter, they have to put them in a kennel and hold them to allow an opportunity for the owners to come in and claim them. When the kennels are all full, they have to find a way to make space for those strays (What’s the lesson here? Keep your dogs inside so they don’t go stray!)

Tonight, I’m posting four dogs who need fosters ASAP. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a few more. If you have been considering becoming a foster home so you can help save a life, now is the time. Can you help one of these dogs?

  • First, there is a very sweet, but super scared Lab mix we are trying to help. She is 55lbs and under two years old. Sorry, no pic at this time, but her shyness pulls at my heart because I adore my shy little Pittie girl, Tawnee, and she blossomed into a fantastic girl and just found a great home. She will just take someone with a calm home and time to build her confidence.
  • Second is a 95lb, approximately 3.5 yr old sweet Black Lab who has been at the shelter for a month! They think the only reason she’s been passed up is that she is so big…

  • and if you think that’s big, third is a 120lbs mixed breed (Lab, Rhodesian?) female, who is overweight and should probably be about 100lbs. Not sure of her age but probably 2-4 yrs.

  • Last (for today), Honey Buns is a 6 yr old Basset from the big Basset case that was covered on the news a few months ago. She was returned by her adopter because she lost her home.

Second day of laser treatment for Elijah Blu


I took Elijah in for his second day of laser treatment today. He doesn’t seem to mind it at all. They are working on his back and his right hip. Fingers crossed that it gives him some improvement!

Two successes, two not so much…


Here’s a typical example of the outcome of a day of outreach at Petsmart. It looks like only two of the four dogs who got adoption applications on Saturday will result in adoptions. The people who applied for our beautiful dancing Malamute, Kenai, left our outreach and adopted another Malamute later that day… :o (

My beautiful foster Pit bull, Tawnee, is going to a home with a really nice guy and his 12 year old Doberman. He is clearly a ‘dog person’, and I know he’ll adore her like I do. She’s such a sweet girl!

Vince, a ittle cutie who came to us after being hit by a car and having his hip fractured, is finally, after more than a year in his foster home, going to a new home…that is, as long as he doesn’t chase the two cats in the home! Fingers crossed.

No return call from the applicant for Elwood  :o ( .

So what is our lesson? This is why we send people home to think about whether they are ready for the commitment of adopting this dog. Bloody hell! Can you imagine if these people adopted one of our dogs and then got home and started having “buyers remorse” and regretting their decision? This would be very, very bad…

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