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Sorry, checked out for a couple of weeks, but here are some great pics!

November 28, 2010

I know! It’s terrible. There was so much going on between rescues, and we were getting ready for our 11th Annual Jewelry Sale Fundraiser, and we had to get our Year End Newsletter out, and we had the Sons of Armageddon fundraiser…whew! There wasn’t much time for sleeping in-between everything, let alone blogging.  I’ll try to do better on keeping up.
We finally got pics from the super fun Sons of Armageddon fundraising event at Wrenegades. I’ve included a few here. Hope more of you can come down to join us next year!

Wendy and her friend Chris

Wendy was awesome and put the whole event together, along with Travis from Sons of Armageddon…

Travis snuggled with 2.25lb Calamity Jane

We had to pry her from his protective arms…

Me and Calamity Jane

She was pretty pooped after everyone held her, and she didn’t even mind the awesome classic rock performed by Home by Dawn!

Tessa the Tattoo Winner

Her tattoo represents her grandparents. How cool is that??

Cathy and Joe

Adopters and supporters of Indigo Rescue! We’re so glad they came out to Gresham to have fun with us!

Claudia Donnie and Tessa