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A sad day for a lucky girl…

December 7, 2010

Many of you will remember this rescue from last year’s newsletter. Muffett (formerly named Muffin), was our rescue from out near our ranch. This English Pointer had lived for her entire nine years in an 8′x8′ outdoor kennel. It was a tragic existence for a dog and we all worked very hard to get that dog away from her owner and into a better life.

It worked! We convinced the owner to give her to us, and Angela fostered her for us while we fattened her up, and scrubbed the urine stains off of her. In November last year, we found a great home for Muffett, where she lived a spoiled, indoor life, sleeping on the bed, and lounging on the sofa. The life she deserved!

In that home, Muffett blossomed and was so happy…

A few weeks ago, Muffett started to slow and act tired. She wasn’t eating as well and just didn’t seem quite right. Her new family took her to the vet, and sadly, Muffett was diagnosed with a tick borne illness she had obviously gotten while living outside her entire life without any preventative care. Yesterday, Muffett was euthanized because the complications from her illness were too much for her body to fight any longer.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the family who adopted Muffett and provided a year of love and care for her. Because of them, Muffett got to know what a good life really was. Without them, she would have died as another quiet and tragic statistic. We are grateful for our part in not allowing that to happen to her.

RIP, Muffett.