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I’m SO frustrated!!

January 26, 2011

Yes, I’m going to share another tragic story. I deliberated over not sharing this one but in the spirit of sharing what it’s really like to live the life of rescue, this is some of the really ugly part of it all.

On Sunday morning when I was driving west on Hwy 26 to pick up our rescued puppies, I spotted what I thought was a dead cat at the bottom of the on ramp to eastbound Hwy 26 at Brookwood. I always call in dead animals to the county right away, because I think they need to be picked up as soon as possible so the county has an opportunity to try to identify the animal and notify the owners. I also think it’s disrespectful to the memory of an animal to be laying on the  highway while traffic drives by.

I knew the county’s animal services was closed on Sunday, but I left them a message anyway, giving them the particulars for their officers to do a pick-up on Monday morning. On my way back the second time that day, I looked over again and realized it was actually a dog. I was also concerned that if the dog remained on the highway until Monday, it might be harder to identify.

So I called the sheriff’s office. They told me they wouldn’t be able to pick up a dead animal but they would send an officer to “check it out”. I’m not sure what that meant, or why…

A little while later when I was driving back east bound, I saw an officer pulled over on Hwy 26 about 1/4 mile past the dog. I pulled over behind him and asked him if he was there for the dog. He said he was but had not seen it. I told him where the dog was and he told me he would not be able to pick it up. I was still unsure why they had dispatched him there if he could not pick the dog up, so I asked  him whether he could block the highway so I could pick the dog up without being killed. He agreed to do that, so we drove to the next exit, and went back to where the dog was. He turned his lights on and got out to help me.

The dog was actually a black and tan female Dachshund. She had been wearing a rhinestone collar that had broken when she was hit, and there was no tag.  She had obviously been bred. The poor girl looked like she had very few injuries, and I was sad wondering how she ended up on the freeway, and whether she died from shock or her injuries. I loaded her in my car and took her home, hoping it would turn out she had a microchip. Even though it would be sad news for her family, I felt good about my part in being able to help provide respect and closure for them…or so I thought.

I brought the dog to the shelter the next day (Monday). Sadly, she did not have a microchip and no one had called in looking for a missing Doxie. I checked Craigslist in case someone had posted her as lost. Nothing. That whole day passed, and no one called in looking for their missing Doxie.

Tuesday passed. Nothing.

This morning I drove past the area again on my way out to our ranch. I was looking for the closest homes the little dog may have wandered away from. There are very few, maybe five. The area is surrounded by industry and businesses. I contacted the owner of the dog kennel on the other side of Brookwood, and she had not heard anything about a missing Doxie. She did not know of any of the neighbors having a Doxie, either.

This is when I got really frustrated. How did that dog get on to the on ramp of the freeway??!! That poor little girl had not carried herself on those short little legs from very far. That much of the mystery is clear.

It is now Wednesday night. I have continued to check Craigslist daily. The shelter has still not received a single call. The little Doxie was killed on Saturday night. She has been missing from her home since at least then, for five full days, and no one appears to be looking for her!

I am SO sad for her. I’m not just sad for the fact that she was killed in such a horrible manner and was probably scared and disoriented when it happened, but I’m so sad for the fact that no one seems to care that she’s gone. I wonder if she was a dog who had no value to her people other than breeding puppies. I wonder if she lived her whole life in someone’s backyard. My mind wanders to even more tragic possibilities for how she may have ended up on the highway, but I just can’t go there. I’m angry enough…

So, please send that little girl good thoughts. Wherever she is, she surely deserves lots of love.