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Phoenix is up to 42lbs!!

January 25, 2011

If you remember, our feral dog, Phoenix, weighed 27lbs when he was rescued.  He was super emaciated and terrified of everything. Well, he weighed in yesterday at 42lbs! Dr Mark bathed him again yesterday (twice, actually), and his super coarse coat is starting to feel soft, and the dirty white areas actually look white now!

The hardest part for Phoenix has been the feral behavior. He’s a really sweet dog and he gets excited when he sees me, but in my yard, he panics and races frantically back and forth like something terrible is going to happen if he doesn’t get back in fast! I have been working on getting him to walk on a leash. He’ll take one or two steps, but then he throws on the brakes and lays down, so you have to drag him.

Here he is getting bold enough to venture into my kitchen (after a few weeks of coaxing).