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Phoenix goes for a walk…

February 19, 2011

Okay, it isn’t really a walk, per se, but we pull Phoenix along and keep encouraging him while he has the brakes on and drags his feet the whole way. We really don’t get very far before it wears the humans out, but on the way back he will actually walk a few steps on his own.

Claudia bought Phoenix a Thundershirt, which is something like a Tellington Touch “wrap”, intended to be calming to anxious or fearful animals. He wears the Thundershirt and each day we work with him to build his confidence. This is still one very scared dog, but he is gaining weight (he’s now up to 50lbs from 27lbs!) and his coat is finally a soft white and gold.

It’s such a drag…  (I couldn’t resist) ; 0 )