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Butters: Doggie Fat Camp Champion!

August 19, 2011

On April 14th, 2011, we rescued a Yellow Lab from Washington County who came in as a stray and weighed 142lbs. Yes, Butters, as he was named, wasn’t a dog, he was a house! He had probably lived outside in a yard and free fed…all day long. THE POOR GUY! Butters could hardly stay on his feet and had to lay down just to eat. Obviously, no one was going to adopt this giant dog who could hardly move. We wanted to fix that for him!

To top it all off, Butters was missing large patches of hair and was greasy and smelly. It took three of us just to load him up in the car. He was actually slippery!

Here’s a top view of some of his patches of missing fur.  We had blood work done and Dr Mark checked his vital organ function. Everything looked good, so his diet began!

At the ranch, Butters wanted desperately to play with the other dogs, but he had to lay down and wrestle with them on the ground.

There’s not much movement going on here…

This is a video of Butters about half way through his diet when he realized he could actually run!

And a mere four months after we started his diet and fed him measured portions of food and vegetables that Shannon and Bill were vigilant about sticking to, Butters weighed in today at 89lbs! He has lost 53lbs! He has basically lost another large sized dog worth of weight! All of his fur has grown back in and his skin cleared up from eating a good quality diet.

He’s a dog again! At approximately three years old, Butters can run again!

Butters is a happy boy! He may not be super bright, but he’s super sweet…

And he can jump into the car by himself now. Look at his smile!

So lets see that again. Here’s a pic of Butters today, sporting a waistline,

And here’s Butters four months ago!

Wow! What a champ! And another miracle…