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Reuben. A “special” puppy who’s cute, cute, cute!

August 15, 2011

This is Reuben.

Reuben is about 12-14 weeks old and he’s a cute little Chihuahua, almost positively mixed with a Double Dapple Doxie. Wanna know how we know? Cuz he’s BLIND! Only a rotten, greedy, selfish breeder would be trying to breed a blue eyed Chihuahua knowing they’re going to breed blind or deaf (and sometimes blind AND deaf) puppies. Aaaaarrrrgghhh!!!

Reuben is playful and sweet, but he’ll need to live in a home that can keep him safe because he has absolutely no idea how to protect himself. Does it slow him down?? No way! If you give Reuben a toy, he’ll throw it up in the air and pounce…next to it. Then he’ll pounce again…on the other side of it (where in the hell did that toy go?) Then he’ll pounce again…and he’s got it…and he’s off! SO CUTE!

He loves to lay on his back and cradle in your arms. Here’s his adorable little toes while snoozing at the dog wash event yesterday…