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Reuben: Blind and soooo entertaining!

August 18, 2011

First, Reuben may be blind, but he is VERY brave. He’s 4 lbs of utterly fearless monkey! He climbs into the toy box and up on to the ottoman, then climbs on to the chair and walks across to the arm of the chair and sits, just as if he’s a little Egyptian statue. He does this every day! I know he knows how high he’s climbed because he hangs his head over the edge as if to verify that he’s definitely up in the air…

He has also decided there are specific toys he likes to play with. He climbs up in the toy box and then digs down to the bottom just to pick out the ones he wants (see pic below). Once he has a toy that suits his taste, he throws it around and shakes it as hard as he can. Some traits are just consistent in puppies no matter what. :o )

When we go outside to go potty, he bounces through the grass just like a jack rabbit. He rolls in the grass and sun bathes, and sniffs, and sniffs and sniffs. When I call him, he runs back to my legs and spins in circles crashing into my legs over and over. He thinks it’s fun!

Don’t let this super mellow pose fool you. It took awhile to get him to stop moving long enough to take this pic!