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Trailer has emerged!

August 21, 2011

You may remember the story from back in March, 2011, of the amazing cat who came across the country from the east coast in a furniture trailer without any food or water for a total of 26 days. Since the temperatures on the east coast at the time were below zero and they were buried in 10′ of snow drifts, we figured the cat must have gone into the trailer for shelter. Once trapped inside, he probably lived on the condensation from the ice on the walls of the trailer as it melted. Here are his pics from the vet clinic while he received fluids:

What we decided from his first vet visit, was that Trailer (then called Transit) was an approximately two year old cat who was FIV+ and probably feral (he did not want to be handled at all!)

For the first few months, Trailer tried hard not to be noticed. I could tell he would come out at night because he used the box and the scratching post and sat on the window perch I made for him, and of course, he ate all his meals, but any time I went in the room, he would hide and bury his face so he could be ‘invisible’.

Finally about a month ago I moved him into the room with Houdini, the deaf, blind, FIV+ cat I had inherited from our late volunteer Sandi when she passed away. He promptly moved under the bed and I didn’t see him for weeks.

But then…Houdini, the most mellow, sweet, senior cat in the world (see prior post to learn about Houdini the amazing survivor), worked his magic on Trailer and the results were amazing! Trailer now comes right out when I bring food in the room. He still doesn’t allow me to approach him, but he’ll stand just a few feet away from me to eat. HUGE progress! I had always suspected that Trailer might also be blind, but couldn’t ever see him long enough to be sure. I have confirmed that much now. Two blind, FIV+ cats are now residing together. Amazing!

Here they are together. Remember, Houdini was also shot in the face and much of his jaw was blown off.

I haven’t caught it in a picture yet, but the two of them hang out on the bed together. I’ll try get a pic of that, too. It makes me feel so good that they have each other and get along so well…