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Imann-Kitty had her surgery today!

September 8, 2011

The staff at the clinic was really amazed when I brought the puppy in
for her surgery. The last they had seen her on Friday, she was weak and
sickly looking and cried a lot. She had gained 1.5 lbs in four days and
was active and happy! She greeted everyone and was full of love and kisses.

The surgery took 1.5 hours and was very scary for the staff. There were
two vets, three certified vet techs, and several vet tech assistants
involved in her surgery, and during the difficult procedure she turned
blue and her lungs (at least one) collapsed, but they kept her breathing
and worked hard to get the procedure done. The vascular anomaly was very
deep and situated just next to the aorta so it was very difficult to
locate. We all tried not to think about the high statistics of puppies
who don’t make it through this surgery and everyone at the clinic worked
extra hard to keep her alive.

Dr Mark and Dr Bob found the area, removed the tissue, and put her on
oxygen and a morphine drip. When I got back to the clinic she was very
painful but her color was great! When you think about it, they had to
open her chest and rib cage and now she has a tube in her lung and a
clamp on one side. She’s a very strong girl!

So she’s at my house tonight. I’m keeping her on pain meds and she cries
a lot, but she’s also alert and looking around. She doesn’t want me to
go too far, so I try to sneak off and take care of things quickly while
she’s dozing. Tomorrow she’ll go back to the clinic for the day. It will
be several more weeks of feeding her tiny amounts of liquid diet through
a syringe while in an upright position before we’ll know whether her
esophagus will recover or how much it will recover. We’re over the first
hurdle, and hopefully the next few weeks will bring a complete recovery.

A huge thank you to Dr Mark, Dr Bob, Peri, Jessie, Keri, Angela, Joel,
Natalie, and all the staff at Bethany Family Pet Clinic, who worked so
hard through a tense procedure to save the life of this tiny little girl.

Here’s a picture of her tonight with her little ducky.