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Video of Imann eating her liquid diet

October 2, 2011

Hi everyone.

Apologies for the little delay in posting an update on Imann. This video was taken last weekend (during our last warm weather). Imann continues to only be able to eat a liquid diet through a syringe. I mix A/D wet food into the liquid Clinicare (like Ensure) and she eats about 120-150 cc per feeding, about every 4 hours. She had gone almost two weeks without vomiting on that routine, but Saturday night was a tough one for her and she had about 15 minutes of emptying her gut. Poor, sweet girl was so hungry, but absolutely could not keep anything down. By (today) Sunday, she was back on track though. We have a good routine going. I stand her in the sink and she rests her arms on my arms while I plunge one 60cc syringe, then chuck the empty in the other side of the sink and quickly start on a second 60cc syringe. She’s full of play and loves to drag my cell phone, my home phone and my glasses off the sofa and into her bed with her. She hardly chews on them, just likes to have them with her. Took me a while to figure out where my missing phones were. I called them and listened to the ringing sound coming from her bed.

* Note: Someone anonymously built and left on my driveway, a “Bailey Chair”, which is intended to hold the dog in an upright position while they eat and until they can digest their food. I admit, it took me a few days to figure out what the contraption was! Finally Wilma P and I were looking at it and contemplating how a cat could use it when she suddenly said, “Maybe it’s for the puppy”, and that was it! I realized it right away. So far, Imann is so small she slides out the bottom, but I think she’ll be able to use it very soon. So THANK YOU, anonymous person, for building this cool chair for her!

Enjoy the video.