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A fun night with the Sons of Armageddon!

November 15, 2011

This was the second year the Sons of Armageddon Motorcycle Club held a fundraiser for Indigo Rescue. We love them! This a really nice bunch of guys who work really hard to put together a great event with tons of great auction items. This year they had forgotten there was a Duck’s football game and had less of a turnout than they hoped for, but it was still awesome to us!

I brought Reuben to the event and he sure loved all the attention and special love everyone gave him.

Travis (T-Bone) puts the event on. He’s a BIG dog lover!

This pic cracks me up. Every time Reuben heard my voice in the room he would start scrambling to get over to where I was. When I used the microphone to tell everyone about Dig My Dog decals, Reuben was completely bewildered. Where is that voice coming from??!!

Oh, and that’s Wendy helping us promote Dig My Dog!

The Sons of Armageddon raised somewhere between $1200 and $1400 for Indigo Rescue. Thank you guys! You ROCK (literally!) See you at the Beerfest next summer ;o )