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Imann celebrates Halloween in her costume!

November 2, 2011

I know I’m a little late for the festivities, but here’s a cute video of Imann on Halloween, wearing her “dog-in-sheep’s-clothing” costume. Isn’t she adorable?!

Imann and I have a had a rough ride this past month. She would do really well on her liquid diet so I would get bold and feed her more gruel (A/D mixed into the liquid) and she would do really well and start to put on weight, then suddenly, just as I would be about to graduate her to the next step, she’d start to vomit again. NO!!! She’d vomit and vomit for days. Even when we’d go back to just liquid she would vomit. I finally got her on an anti-emetic for vomiting and she would still vomit, but much less. A few days of that and she started to do better so I introduced gruel again, and she continued doing well so I tried gruel in a bowl, and although she would still vomit, it wasn’t much. Three days ago I fed her canned puppy food in a bowl and she whined and belched a lot afterward, but she kept it down! She’s been eating that way for three days and only vomited about once per day. I think we’re finally going in the right direction and she’s actually gaining weight!

Here’s another video from Halloween. Enjoy!