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New plan on the search for Trigger

December 19, 2011

Hi everyone,
Unfortunately, our Saturday trip to Hood River and The Dalles did not reveal any information regarding the whereabouts of the homeless man with Trigger. One of the two people who thought they’d seen them in the Port of Hood River determined from the flyer that it was not the same dog. His tiny size still seems to confuse people. We also followed another lead in Cascade Locks that turned out to be a different dog. We did hang a lot more flyers, and we gave away several bags of dog food and some dog jackets. Thank you to Lynda, Jan, Jaye, Sarah, Ande, Sophia, Shelli, Helen and Travis for coming out to The Gorge on a very cold day.
We will NOT give up on Trigger! We need to find him and bring him home. So now we are planning a new approach. Since he seems to have vanished shortly after he was seen in Cascade Locks, the man who was seen with Trigger on November 25th may have been a transient who was passing through Cascade Locks. He may have been hitchhiking in any direction. He may even be in Portland! We have decided to try to get the word out to other cities and states. With his owner’s permission, we have increased the reward amount to $1000. We are trying to contact the big truck stop companies to see if they will help us post our newest flyer for Trigger at their various truck stops all over the country. Hopefully, if a truck driver gave him a ride somewhere, they’ll see the flyer. Of course we will be focusing first on the rest of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, California, Arizona and Nevada. We are also trying to crack the Craigslist nut so it will allow us to post our Lost and Found ad in other cities and states. This may require multiple people posting the ad in other cities from their computers. We’ll need your help with that.
Remember, as daunting as it may seem trying to find this man with Trigger, there are not going to be very many homeless or transient people out there with a tiny, shy 10lb Toy Australian Shepherd with one blue eye, one brown eye, and no tail. If you see someone matching this description it is almost guaranteed to be him!
What you can do to help:
  • If you know anyone who drives long haul trucks or travels for work, please email them the attached flyer and ask them to keep their eyes open.
  • If you pass any Rest Areas during your travels, please post a flyer.
  • Please post this flyer on your Facebook pages and ask your friends and family to spread it around to everyone they know, including out of state. The more eyes we have out there looking, the better.
  • Please drop a copy of the flyer off at your vet’s office.
  • If you drive past or volunteer at a homeless shelter, please bring a flyer in.
  • If you are near an “Occupy” camp, please scan for this man and Trigger.
  • If you volunteer or work at an animal shelter, please post this flyer.
  • If you can get an ad in any publication please contact me for a copy of the text and photos for the ad.
  • If you have any other ideas for getting this flyer distributed as widely as possible, please share them. Anything you can offer is very much appreciated!
  • Note: If you are posting the flyer outdoors, please try to put it in a plastic sleeve so it lasts longer during our wet Oregon winter.
Please keep reminding everyone! Most important; if you see this man and Trigger, please do not let him out of your sight! Contact law enforcement and let them know you know who this dog is. Tell them he is missing from Hood River County, Oregon and he is microchipped to Indigo Rescue to prove it.
I won’t be sending any further updates on Trigger unless we have something noteworthy to report.
THANK YOU for your continued help and support, and a warm and Happy Holiday to all of you!

Heather Hines
Indigo Rescue
Indigo Ranch
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Missing Dog Trigger 12_18_11