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Update on Lost Dog Trigger: Let us know if we can send you a flyer!

December 9, 2011

Thank you for all of your concern for Trigger. His mom, Jennifer and I, continue to follow-up on every lead we get and it’s been a frustrating and difficult ride. On Tuesday we heard from someone who thought he may have seen Trigger get hit by a truck in Cascade Locks and then run on to I84 westbound and disappear off the highway two exits down. We were devastated at the possibility and Jennifer was searching that stretch of highway trying to determine whether it really was him when on Wednesday we got an even more solid lead from someone we now believe DEFINITELY saw Trigger on Black Friday (November 25th). This would have been four days after he went missing from the pet sitters home. He was with a homeless man who said he needed money for food for his “new” dog. The woman and her husband gave him dog food she had in her car instead. Her sister has two Toy Aussies so she knows the breed and size well. She confirmed the dog had one blue eye and one brown eye and was very afraid and hiding behind the man. She said the man had him on a rope leash which may have been fashioned into a harness. He was no longer wearing his collar or id tags. The woman was able to give us a very good description of the man, and I spent much of yesterday and today speaking with law enforcement officers in Hood River County, The Dalles, Skamania County and Klickitat County just in case he was traveling North or East. It’s not as likely but he may also have traveled West into Portland. He was on foot moving East through Cascade Locks when he left the woman and her husband.
The description we have is that the man is in his early to mid forties. He has blondish brown hair and is clean cut. He was wearing a green military style coat over jeans and a sweatshirt and wore a stocking cap under a baseball cap that may have been a SeaHawks cap. He is carrying a day pack (an old school style).
I have produced a new flyer with a photo of Trigger that shows his size much better. We will start emailing and distributing that tomorrow. Please keep your eye out for a homeless man with Trigger wherever you go. It’s a long shot, but worth the minute it will take to notice. You can be extra eyes for us and if you know anyone along the way East on I84, in Hood River, The Dalles, or across the river in Skamania County, Goldendale, etc. Please send them the flyer and ask them to share it with everyone they know.
On Saturday, our friends from the Sons of Armageddon are going to go up to Cascade Locks and the surrounding area to try to find any homeless camps. The one homeless man who hang out in town has a Boxer and told us he would keep his eye out for someone with Trigger.
This homeless man is somewhere and he very possibly still has Trigger! We have hope again, and we need to find him.
Thank you all so much!!!
NOTE: Trigger has one blue eye and one brown eye. He is very small and weighs between 10lbs and 12lbs.