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Will you consider a $10 monthly donation to help us continue our work?

April 22, 2011

Hello everyone,

I am writing today to ask for your support. As we all know, our economy is hurting. It seems there is no one who has not been affected adversely somehow by our country’s financial woes. Indigo Rescue is no exception. Donations are way down. Adoptions are slow. Foster homes are harder and harder to find, but the county shelters continue to call and ask us for our help in taking dogs. We have partnerships with three county shelters and we really want to help them save lives! Remember, our commitment is to take the dogs when they are injured (because the counties don’t have funding to pay for their vet care), sick, terrified, or just over full.

Along with the changing economy, two years ago, Nike terminated their dollar Volunteer Matching program, and a giant chunk of our annual income disappeared with it. We have not been able to recover from that financial loss and it scares us.

In short, while we continue to grow our business at the ranch and save as many shelter animals as possible, we are worrying about running out of funds to continue to do our work.

Now comes the hard part. I wish, more than any of you could possibly imagine, that we could do our work without asking for money, but that just isn’t possible so I’d like you to consider whether you might be able to make a $10 monthly contribution to Indigo Rescue via Paypal. Once per month, you would be charged just $10 to your account. Over an entire year, that would be a fully tax deductible $120. Please think about it. If even 50 people could make this commitment, it would bring us $6000 of annual income we desperately need. Ask your animal loving friends if they can help us by making the same donation. Please feel free to post on Facebook or Twitter, or anywhere else you think it might get us the support we need.

If you think you can spare $10 per month to help us continue doing our much needed rescue work, please sign up for a monthly contribution today. It would mean the world to us, and will definitely mean the difference in how much we can do to help animals. Go to: http://indigorescue.org/?page_id=18

Thank you all so much for your support!!

Heather Hines
Director Indigo Rescue

never never never give up