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A fun one year birthday party!

November 22, 2011

On Sunday, I was invited to a one year birthday party for Gracie and her four puppies, originally named Hudson, Harlow, Harper and Hayley . What a blast! Here are their puppy pics, followed by their one year birthday party pics. Soooo cute!

This is Hudson on his first day at his foster home

This is Harlow (with Hudson in the background)


And Hayley

This is the crew with their mama, Gracie to the far left


Cider, formerly Hayley

Eating Birthday Cupcakes!

Gracie and her family

And a video of the puppies reunion!


Scarves from our own Alpaca Family!

November 21, 2011

Yes, it’s true, our five Alpaca boys at the ranch are sheared during summer, mainly to keep them cooler. We have their fiber spun into yarn (and there’s a lot of learning curve here), and then a few fabulous volunteers have knitted up scarves out of the yarn! Alpaca wool is MUCH warmer than sheeps wool. Here are some pics of our scarves. We sold six of them at the jewelry sale on Saturday for $50 — a steal if you compare at $120 or more! And ours are from our Alpaca family, whom we love!!! Awesome!

Our new broken puppy, Edie


On Friday we got a new rescue puppy. Gretchen named her Edie while she was falling madly in love with her. She is approximately 4 months old and was hit by a car. Her pelvis and one leg is broken. She also has a lot of road abrasion and swelling (see pic below). We’ll find out more from the vet today, but she’s on pain medication for now and doing pretty well. She’ll eat and hobble a little bit. Just enough to potty. Super cutie!

12th Annual Jewelry Sale a hit!


Yowza! Our sale on Saturday was slammed from start to finish! We were swamped with a steady stream of happy customers, raving about our selection and how they wait all year for our sale…it was very exciting!

And why wouldn’t it be? Thanks to our awesome donors, we have a virtual river of shiny bobbles that take the shoppers eyes for a magical mystery tour. People make several loops around the room to make sure they don’t miss anything!

This year our sale was the second highest grossing sale ever, and definitely since the economy started to stumble. We raised over $7300!! Huge THANK YOU to our fantastic volunteers. Between set-up, the sale and the pack-up, there were 22 of us!

A fun night with the Sons of Armageddon!

November 15, 2011

This was the second year the Sons of Armageddon Motorcycle Club held a fundraiser for Indigo Rescue. We love them! This a really nice bunch of guys who work really hard to put together a great event with tons of great auction items. This year they had forgotten there was a Duck’s football game and had less of a turnout than they hoped for, but it was still awesome to us!

I brought Reuben to the event and he sure loved all the attention and special love everyone gave him.

Travis (T-Bone) puts the event on. He’s a BIG dog lover!

This pic cracks me up. Every time Reuben heard my voice in the room he would start scrambling to get over to where I was. When I used the microphone to tell everyone about Dig My Dog decals, Reuben was completely bewildered. Where is that voice coming from??!!

Oh, and that’s Wendy helping us promote Dig My Dog!

The Sons of Armageddon raised somewhere between $1200 and $1400 for Indigo Rescue. Thank you guys! You ROCK (literally!) See you at the Beerfest next summer ;o )

Imann celebrates Halloween in her costume!

November 2, 2011

I know I’m a little late for the festivities, but here’s a cute video of Imann on Halloween, wearing her “dog-in-sheep’s-clothing” costume. Isn’t she adorable?!

Imann and I have a had a rough ride this past month. She would do really well on her liquid diet so I would get bold and feed her more gruel (A/D mixed into the liquid) and she would do really well and start to put on weight, then suddenly, just as I would be about to graduate her to the next step, she’d start to vomit again. NO!!! She’d vomit and vomit for days. Even when we’d go back to just liquid she would vomit. I finally got her on an anti-emetic for vomiting and she would still vomit, but much less. A few days of that and she started to do better so I introduced gruel again, and she continued doing well so I tried gruel in a bowl, and although she would still vomit, it wasn’t much. Three days ago I fed her canned puppy food in a bowl and she whined and belched a lot afterward, but she kept it down! She’s been eating that way for three days and only vomited about once per day. I think we’re finally going in the right direction and she’s actually gaining weight!

Here’s another video from Halloween. Enjoy!