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A one week update on our puppies, who have yummy names now!

March 30, 2012

Yes, it’s true. Between Susan, Shannon and I, we came up with dessert names. Cookies and pastries, to be precise! Not only that, but in the one week they’ve been pounding the puppy food, they’ve already grown and developed little personalities, and learned how to play and drink water! I continue to offer them dry kibble and they eat some of it, but mostly, they just play hockey with it. I leave the room and come back and the kibbles are all the way across on the other side of the room…hey! how’d they do that??

So, the one and only boy is named Biscotti (or Scotti for short). He’s a very cuddly puppy, who loves to be held, but also likes to venture away from the girls and explore. He may be the most needy.

The black and white girl is Moon Pie. She’s a playful and sweet little girl, who likes to pounce on her siblings.

The lightest colored gold girl (also the roundest one at this point) is Eclair. She’s wearing the yellow collar. She’s the one who finishes eating first, and heads right off to play by herself. Sometimes she plays in their little den, but lately, she’s been playing with the ball (see video).

The darkest colored gold girl is called Fritter (as in Apple). She’s wearing the teal colored collar. She is by far the most playful. She will play with her siblings and the toys, and well, even just a single little kibble on the floor. sometimes she’ll even pounce on the floor when there’s nothing there. She was the first to learn how to drink water out of a bowl.

The medium colored gold girl is called Macaroon. She’s wearing the black collar. She’s sweet and playful and likes to climb up on the x-pen to make sure you see her first. Smart cookie.

All of these little ones love to be snuggled up in your jacket where it’s nice and warm. We figure without mom, they need a bit of that kind of snuggle loving…

Here’s their video for today. Enjoy!


A really sweet card from the 13th birthday party of Libby, the dog!

March 26, 2012

I thought this was so super sweet I had to share. Libby, and her super talented mom, Piper, created this birthday card after Libby’s 13th Birthday Party. During the party, they collected donations for Indigo Rescue!

Libby passed away this past Tuesday so this is extra meaningful for us. Thank you, Piper, for your super generous pup, Libby, who was obviously very loved.

3_12 Birthday Card From Libby

5 New Orphaned Chihuahua puppies at Indigo Rescue!

March 22, 2012

Actually, we think they may be Chi and Pug. Their little tails curl over just like a Pug and one of them is Pug colored. We think they are about four weeks old and they weigh about 1.5lbs each. They were pretty sad, until they realized they have a pretty nice crib, toys, and I’m their new mama, since I’m bringing in the meals five times a day. Waaahoo! They’re growing fast and getting more active already!

The story is: A woman brought them to the county shelter at the end of the day and said she found them under her porch at her rural home, and didn’t know who the mom was. The staff told her she needed to show them her ID so she went out to her car to get it and, here’s a surprise — she didn’t come back!! Can you say LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE??? I feel really badly for the poor mama, out there wondering where her babies are.

Here’s a video of them on their second day. Just starting to feel spunky!

And here are their individual pics. The shelter was nice enough to identify them for us with color coded collars. There are four females and one fawn colored male.

Here’s a pic of them in a classic ‘Pile o’ Puppies’ pose. They have a cushy bedroom in their crate, but on the first day, they wanted to sleep outside the den between the den and the x-pen…silly puppies.