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Indigo Ranch is a 16 acre country retreat offering homestyle boarding in the country for dogs. 100% of the proceeds support the lifesaving work of Indigo Rescue, a volunteer based organization that creates and maintains programs to save homeless and abandoned dogs and cats.



Indigo Ranch is a 16 acre homestyle country retreat for dogs. No concrete kennels or 24 hour seclusion.  Dogs enjoy supervised indoor/outdoor playtime with other socialized dogs in our dormitories and securely fenced, acre-sized fields. SAFETY FIRST!!

While inside, the dogs play, lounge, and sleep together in one of our three big dormitories full of doggie couches and beds.  Comfy crates are used for feeding time, sleeping time, and for dogs who like to nap in their own “dens”.  We also offer an exclusive Tiny Dog Dorm with a private yard for little dogs, providing specialized attention for dogs who prefer mixing with their own size.

*Note: The term “Cage Free” does not mean dogs are never in a crate. Like children in preschool, if dogs play all day without naps they might get cranky. Dogs are crated in-between play time in order to rest and have some down time so they don’t get over stimulated and have a blow-out on the playground.  We would also never send a child out to go swimming immediately after eating lunch. The same principal applies to dogs. At Indigo Ranch, we crate all of the dogs at meal times to assure they eat their own food, their entire meal, and they don’t have to worry about another dog stealing their food. After meals, dogs rest in their crate to avoid over-exercising and causing gastric issues.

It is unlikely that your dog is playing all day long while you are at work. It is more likely they lounge and sleep, and wait for you to come home and give them lots of attention! What dogs get at Indigo Ranch is lots of exercise, outside time, play time, attention and love. Even with their short nap time in their crates, they are busy, busy, busy, as noted by their parents when they go home and sleep for a few days! If your dog has never been in a crate or becomes seriously distressed in a crate, we can always make special arrangements for meal times and nap time — just let us know ahead of time.

At night or on rainy days, dogs can snuggle with caretakers on the sofa and watch fun DVD’s.

Our full-time caretakers, who love dogs, live on the property, providing 24/7 attention and care. With their collective education and experience in veterinary assistance and dog training, they have all the skills to insure that your dog will be happy and secure.

*Special Note:

As an organization that is first and foremost an animal rescue organization, our loving staff are happy to take care of your dogs with special needs such as disabilities (blind, deaf, missing limbs), medications or special diets. Because our staff is onsite 24 hours, we are able to give special attention to insecure dogs or dogs from rescue circumstances.


The hours for drop-off, pick-up, and phone inquiries are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., available every day of the week.


Our rates:
$50 per night (a 24 hour period), and $45 per night for each additional dog from the same home. *Note: We do not charge you for an extra day if your dog is picked up later than noon the following day. We charge by the night, not by the hour.

We take many special needs dogs yet we are still very competitive with other boarding facilities. We provide superior, personalized service and have fewer restrictions than many facilities. PLUS, 100% of the profits from Indigo Ranch are funneled directly into our non-profit animal rescue work at Indigo Rescue. Where else can you find that?!
Schedule a tour with us. We can promise you we’re worth the drive!

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation Policy: Because bookings are scheduled according to space available, cancellations that are made fewer than 48 hours prior to your dog’s scheduled stay will be charged for one night.


15640 Airport Way, Vernonia, Oregon 97064 Click here for directions


All proceeds from Indigo Ranch dog boarding support the lifesaving work of Indigo Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue organization that creates and maintains programs to assist county shelter animals.

What paperwork do I need to provide?

Please provide us with the following forms – don’t worry, it doesn’t take long!


Owners must provide proof of the following vaccinations:

  • DHPPC or DA2PP (or an antibody titer test)
  • Rabies
  • Note: Bordetella is not required at Indigo Ranch. Kennel Cough is an upper respiratory virus, very like a common human cold. If exposed, your dog may get kennel cough regardless of having the Bordetella vaccine. Obviously, we discourage dogs who are exhibiting symptoms of kennel cough from boarding at Indigo Ranch. To-date, we have not had an episode of kennel cough at the ranch. We hope we will continue to have this good fortune, just as you probably hope your child will not be exposed to a common cold virus at school — but we also know it may happen some day, with or without dogs being vaccined for Bordetella. Luckily, the majority of kennel cough cases can be treated with basic supportive care, just as a human cold is treated. Please ask your vet if you have any questions and of course, feel free to provide your dog with a Bordetella vaccine, we just wanted you to know why we don’t require it!

All dogs must be treated with an effective form of flea and tick control prior to staying at Indigo Ranch.

Please present the above listed forms and documentation at check-in, or e-mail them to us beforehand.


Owner provides food and treats for their own dog.  This prevents digestive upsets.

Make sure you provide us with an adequate amount of food by measuring two meals for every day your dog with be staying with us.  Keep it in a food bag or container and include the scoop you generally use to measure it.  Place a piece of masking tape on the bag or container with your dog’s name and feeding instructions.


We are happy to administer medications to your dog.  Please provide us with detailed instructions including dosages and times.


No need to send beds, blanket or toys for your dog. We provide all of the basics.  We don’t even need their leashes (we use slip leads), just their collar and food.

For dogs, we provide fresh air, two-leg and four-leg companionship, fun and love!

For owners, we provide peace of mind.  Those who leave their cherished pets in our care, do so with in the knowledge that they are safe, happy and secure!